Conversations in Cyberspace

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Description: Conversations in Cyberspace is a collection of insights into the current state of security and privacy in the Internet world. The information provided will be beneficial to security professionals and system administrators interested in exploring today’s concerns in database design, privacy and security-by-design, and deep web members organizations, including Cicada 3301, the Unknowns, Anonymous, and more.

Conversations in Cyberspace
Conversations in Cyberspace (Business Experts Press) ASIN: B07P6DFFY3

Data Security in Cloud Computing Vol. 1 and 2

Data Security in Cloud Computing
Data Security in Cloud Computing (Momentum Press, USA)

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Description: This book covers not only information protection in cloud computing security and risk management, but also the plan, management, and in-depth implementation details needed to migrate existing applications to the cloud.

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