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CyberOSINT: Next Generation Information Access

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CyberOSINT focuses on the rapidly-expanding field of automated collection and automated analysis of open source information. Online public content posted on social media contains signals that can provide intelligence and law enforcement analysts early warning of threats, cyber attacks or illegal activities. Using highly-automated systems, governmental entities and corporations can detect and divert cyber attacks and take steps to prevent assaults

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Applique Logic and Alex Jones

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Today’s New York Times corrected my knowledge gap. I noted in my dead tree edition today (August 9, 2018) these stories: Facebook’s Worst Demons Have Come Home to Roost, page B1 Infowars App Is Trending As Platforms Ban Content, B6 The Internet Trolls Have Won. Get Used to It, B7 We need to mention “Rules Won’t Save Twitter. Values Will”

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