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Deep Web is something big that you can’t imagine.

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In my recent book Conversations in Cyberspace (Available on O’Reilly Media, Business Experts Press, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles) I cover the topics of Cybersecurity, Privacy and the Deep Web.

What is the Deep Web?

VKontakte V Day hack

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White hat hackers have flooded VKontakte (VK) with spam on Valentine’s Day as part of a revenge prank against the Russian social network after the company failed to both fixes and financially reward a security researcher for a vulnerability he reported to the site a year before.At the heart of the spam campaign was a […]

The Faith of illegal Video Streaming

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Google has blocked some of these services and legal actions are underway.

Voyager Labs’ Authentic AI technology

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Voyager Labs is a developer of proprietary core AI algorithms for human behaviour modelling and analysis.

Data Security in Cloud Computing, Vol. 1 and 2

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This book covers not only information protection in cloud computing security and risk management, but also the plan, management, and in-depth implementation details needed to migrate existing applications to the cloud.

Primer’s and natural language generation

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Primer’s technology processes large volumes of information collected in an investigation, identifies the key entities in the content, and produces a report automatically. The company has clients in law enforcement, intelligence, and financial services. Primer has deployed smart software which uses NLG or natural language generation. The company has clients in law enforcement, intelligence, and […]

Australia: the First Western Nation to “ban privacy”?

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Creating keys to an encryption system, or, alternately, maintaining the encryption but forcing companies to create tools that allow them to attach a “stalker” to the system to monitor communications invisibly (the UK is proposing this method of surveillance, and the below Lawfare Blog post has more on this), automatically creates an enormous incentive for […]

Tracking the Hide and Seek Botnet

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Hide and Seek (HNS) is a malicious worm which mainly infects Linux based IoT devices and routers. The malware spreads via bruteforcing SSH/Telnet credentials, as well as some old CVEs. What makes HNS unique is there’s no command and control server; instead, it receives updates using a custom peer-to-peer network created out of infected devices. […]

Global DNS Hijacking Campaign: DNS Record Manipulation at Scale

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FireEye’s Mandiant Incident Response and Intelligence teams have identified a wave of DNS hijacking that has affected dozens of domains belonging to government, telecommunications and internet infrastructure entities across the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and North America. While we do not currently link this activity to any tracked group, initial research suggests the actor […]

Hiding Through a Maze of IoT Devices?

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In March 2018, Symantec reported about the Inception Framework abusing vulnerable UPnP services to hide themselves. What is UPnP? UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play and is basically just a set of networking protocols to allow devices to discover each other in the LAN and use some network features (such as data sharing or entertainment) without any configuration (hence […]