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JavaScript Handbook

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Best short JavaScript handbook for the full time employed developer with no time, handbook by Flavio Copes javascript-handbook Extract: Table of Contents ECMAscript ES6 ES2016 ES2017 ES2018 Coding Style Lexical Structure Variables Types Expressions Prototypal Inheritance Classes Exceptions Semicolons Quotes Template Literals Functions Arrow Functions Closures Arrays Loops Events The Event Loop Asynchronous Programming and Callbacks Promises […]

Industry 4.0

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DUP_Industry4-0_cybersecurity The fourth industrial revolution brings with it a new operational risk for connected, smart manufacturers and digital supply networks: cyber. The interconnected nature of Industry 4.0–driven operations and the pace of digital transformation mean that cyberattacks can have far more extensive effects than ever before, and manufacturers and their supply networks may not be […]

Introduction to the Concept of IT Security

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Introduction to the Concept of IT Security ACS Cybersecurity Guide

Protected: Snowden Archives

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

PRISM/US-984XN Overview

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PRISM/US-984XN Overview Nineteen slides from a 41-slide April 2013 NSA presentation describing the PRISM collection of data via internet service providers, “the SIGAD most used in NSA reporting.” Slides have been published gradually by several media organisations: see the Washington Post article NSA slides explain the PRISM data-collection program, 6 June 2013.

The inherent insecurity of computers and networks

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Pagesfrom9780199694778-Collins-2 This textbook chapter analyses why cyber-security is considered one of the key national security issues of our times. The first section provides the necessary technical background information. The second unravels three different, but interrelated discourses about cyber-security: discourse number one has a technical focus and is about viruses and worms. Number two looks at […]