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Deep Web is something big that you can’t imagine.

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In my recent book Conversations in Cyberspace (Available on O’Reilly Media, Business Experts Press, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles) I cover the topics of Cybersecurity, Privacy and the Deep Web.

What is the Deep Web?

Data Security in Cloud Computing, Vol. 1 and 2

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This book covers not only information protection in cloud computing security and risk management, but also the plan, management, and in-depth implementation details needed to migrate existing applications to the cloud.

Dunkin Donuts loyalty points on the Dark Web just in time for the holidays

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Some Dark Web ecommerce vendors are selling Dunkin Donuts loyalty points. A customer with the Dunkin Donuts app and the stolen loyalty points can order donuts and other Dunkin Donuts products with minimal security checks. Discount sweets via the Dark Web have arrived just in time for the holidays.

Dark Web counterfeiting ring kept unencrypted customer lists.

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Austrian police cracked a Dark Web counterfeiting ring. Police seized fake euros and a list of customers. The names, shipping addresses, and other details were stored in an unencrypted form on computers and on paper. Austrian officials provided the information to Europol, which organized a series of coordinated operations in more than a dozen countries. […]

Deep Web Jobs That Are Booming

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Marketer With many marketplaces popping up, the deep web is crowded and a competition for the consumer’s attention has emerged. Before, with a little amount of marketplaces and finding a working marketplace difficult, it was good enough if the marketplace you found was working for the day. Today, deep web marketplaces need to make themselves […]

Thomson Reuters on a Privacy

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Privacy International published “Who Supplies the Data, Analysis, and Tech Infrastructure to US Immigration Authorities?” The report is available without charge, but I suggest that you download it promptly. Certain reports about some topics can go offline without notice. Privacy International seems unaware that many LE and intel entities routinely outsource work to third part, […]

Medical big data is offered for sale on the darknet

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Recently, the concept of the so-called Big Data has become more and more popular, which in the simplest way can be defined as data characterized by extensive volume, diversity and variability. Their analysis goes far beyond simple operations on one given type of information and includes aspects of data analysis, such as the generation of […]

Trends of malware and digital products sales on darknet marketplaces

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There is a growing number of research studies examining the operations of various darknet markets, or cryptomarkets, with special emphasis on illicit drug trading, which represents the majority of product lists on most of these darknet marketplaces. A recently published paperanalyzed these markets with a focus on trading malware, forged documents, stolen credentials, and “crime-as-a-service” type […]