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Gov Emails on Sale in the Dark Web

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E-mail log-in information of employees in several government agencies and educational institutions, as well as details of over 19,000 compromised payment cards from banks here, has been put up for sale online by hackers.

$760,000 Mega Scam in the Dark Web

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typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting – basically sitting on websites under someone else’s brand – that specifically targets users who incorrectly type a website address into their web browser to lead them to a spoof site.

Dark Web is a Crime in Germany

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The federal-state legislation body called “Bundesrat” voted for the new measure yesterday, and in the following week, the German federal parliament will review the draft law and decide on whether to pass it or not.

Dark Web counterfeiting ring kept unencrypted customer lists.

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Austrian police cracked a Dark Web counterfeiting ring. Police seized fake euros and a list of customers. The names, shipping addresses, and other details were stored in an unencrypted form on computers and on paper. Austrian officials provided the information to Europol, which organized a series of coordinated operations in more than a dozen countries. Hundreds of arrests were made

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